Got a new Logo, what now?

As the founder/marketing manager of a new venture, you have gone through the steps – decided on your product or service, decided on the final name for your brand, and even got a new logo designed in keeping with the identity of the brand. What now? This blog will guide you on the next course of action to position your brand into the success of your vision.

Logos and Brand Identity

A logo is the identity of any brand and hence it should be adequately representative of the idea the brand wishes to communicate to its potential customers. The design of the logo is usually either text-based or has an image which communicates the idea of the brand’s products or services. A good case in point is the iconic ‘M’ alphabet logo of the McDonald’s chain of fast-food restaurants. The mere sight of the ‘M’ invokes in one’s mind the image of their famous burgers and their brand ambassador, the clown Ronald McDonald. It is a very simple logo and yet it has immense recall value. However, merely having a good logo is not enough. A corporation or business needs to give their brand the necessary exposure.

Logos and Brand Exposure

Logos, while being objects of brand identity, need not be a mere figure. They can be used to engage with the customers in various creative ways. Following are some creative ways to make a logo an object of customer engagement:

  • Interactivity on a Web Page: If the logo is on a website, it can serve as a button to direct to any landing page of one’s choice but usually the home page. It then becomes a part of the UI (user interface) of the site.
  • Attractive Packaging and Labeling: If branded on packaging, labels and even the goods being marketed, a logo can be used creatively as a point of customer engagement. The use of embossing and such techniques can create a distinction of textures, thereby making a logo stand out on the goods and their packaging.
  • Exposure on Social Media: Nowadays, any brand cannot afford to ignore social media as a channel for marketing and advertising. Consequently, the logo of a brand is the obvious choice for the display pictures of said brand’s profiles on the various social networks. These display pictures are the identity of any entity on social media and are perhaps the first images which other users engage with. It can also be placed as an element in all relevant creative material like images posted for advertising.
  • Merchandising: Another way to increase a logo’s exposure is by getting a brand’s resources and staff to wear merchandise like backpacks or shirts featuring the logo. Customized stationery featuring the logo is an option too because stationery like letterheads and stamps is used for engagement with customers and clients.
  • Co-branding & Sponsorship: If budgets permit, sponsorship for events or even for a team can get a brand’s logo a lot of eyeballs. If sponsoring a team, a brand’s logo is placed on select merchandise like shirts of this entity, thereby giving the logo the required exposure. Not to mention, nowadays we even get to see promotional material like stationary balloons featuring the logo of a brand. Such material is attractive and if placed in the right location, can get a brand their desired attention.

These are just some of the many ways a brand can get its logo out there. Until next time, happy ‘brand’-ing!